These five cuisines from around the world that want to make their mark on the shelves

The context: a slightly declining market

The world food aisle is experiencing a slight decline in volume in 2023, with a 3.2% drop (-66,624 tonnes). This decline is partly explained by the economic context and the return of consumers to safe values and affordable prices.
Despite this context, 76.3% of French people believe that "initiating oneself to foreign flavors is a way to travel and discover other cultures".

Asia: confirmed domination

Despite the overall decline in the aisle, Asian food remains very popular and is constantly being renewed. South Korea is riding the K-pop wave with innovative products inspired by street food. Sales of Asian noodles are up 3.2% in value to €25.40 million, while sales of dehydrated chicken noodles are up 14.2% to €41.1 million. Japan and China are also taking advantage of the Chinese New Year to boost their sales, with an 18.4% increase in sales of Asian groceries and an 8.3% increase in sales of Asian prepared meals.

The Levant: a booming Mediterranean cuisine

Middle Eastern cuisine is gaining popularity thanks to its Mediterranean flavors and high-end products. Rice, hummus and tahini are particularly popular. The Al'Fez brand, positioned on Middle Eastern cuisine in the broad sense, is enjoying great success with the launch of its chakchouka sauce (tomatoes, peppers and spices).

Tex-mex: in search of a new image

Tex-mex is struggling to shed its image of "cafeteria food". Sales of tex-mex kits are down 6.1% in volume to 6,853 tonnes, despite a slight 2.6% increase in value to €69.44 million. Some brands, such as Old El Paso and SDV Les Marchés du Monde, are trying to revive the segment by offering more elaborate products and original recipes. The Old El Paso brand is launching its Street Vibes range, inspired by street food, including a taco kit made up of mini tortillas, a guacamole mix and a barbecue sauce.

India: a promising cuisine driven by vegetables

Indian cuisine is booming, driven by the search for plant-based alternatives and the success of curries. Sales of Patak's Indian sauces are up 34.6% in volume across all channels. The brand offers, among other things, a butter chicken curry paste to make curries, marinades and even add an Indian touch to everyday dishes. Dal, a dish made from lentils,chickpeas or beans, is an excellent example of a tasty and nourishing vegetarian dish. The Dorothée Dereux brand offers a lentil-coconut milk-raisin curry dal that is a great success at Naturalia and Monoprix.

Africa: strong potential to be exploited

African cuisine has strong potential but is struggling to make itself known to the general public. Sales of acras, beignets and samosas are stagnant at €26.42 million, with an 8% drop in volume to 1,505 tonnes. Promising initiatives exist, such as the Mom Koumba brand, which offers products from Ethiopia, Senegal and Madagascar. The Sial 2024 in Paris will be an opportunity to showcase the richness and diversity of African cuisine.

In conclusion, Asian, Mediterranean and Indian cuisines are the most dynamic in the world food aisle. Tex-mex is struggling to renew itself, while African cuisine has strong potential but is struggling to make itself known. The key market trends are the renewal of the offer, the search for original flavors, the craze for vegetarian dishes and the importance of product authenticity.

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