April 2024 Innovations

This April 2024 is marked by a wave of innovations in the consumer sector, with products that meet consumer expectations in terms of health, sustainability, and enjoyment.

Plant-Based Products

Better Balance (Aoste): The Aoste Group is entering the booming market for plant-based meat alternatives with its Better Balance brand. Five products are offered to consumers, made from pea, wheat, soy and rice protein. All products are Nutri-Score A and priced between €2.99 and €3.99. With this new range, Aoste aims to capture 10% of the market by 2026, thus aligning with its diversification strategy and its Agir CSR program aimed at carbon neutrality by 2040.

Sustainable Packaging

Terra Delyssa: Committed to the environment, the olive oil brand Terra Delyssa offers a major innovation in packaging: a 95% recyclable PET flexible pouch olive oil eco-refill. This solution, 96% lighter than a traditional glass bottle, is available in three references: extra virgin, organic and zero pesticide residue (ZRP). With a capacity of 75 cl, it is offered at a price of €8.30 to €8.40.

Capri-Sun: Committed to sustainable development, Capri-Sun is opting for more ecological packaging by replacing its aluminum pouches with recyclable monomaterial plastic for its 330 ml briquettes. This initiative, initially launched in the United Kingdom, will soon be deployed in France and then extended to the entire range and Europe. In addition to its positive environmental impact, this new packaging reduces CO2 emissions by 25%. Ultimately, Capri-Sun aims to switch all its drinks to fully recyclable packaging.

Beverage Innovations

Cacolac Barista: To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Cacolac is launching a range of refined hot chocolates called Barista. Aimed at adults, it comes in three original flavors: Moka, Intense Black and Chai Latte. Packaged in 25 cl briquettes, these hot chocolates are free from colorings and preservatives and are distinguished by a short list of ingredients. They are offered at a price of around €1.99 per 25 cl.

Celsius Energy Drink: Sugar-free energy drink enthusiasts will be delighted! Celsius, the leading American brand in the market, is finally arriving in France. Distributed by Suntory Beverage & Food France from the fourth quarter onwards, it offers five delicious and low-calorie flavors: Tropical Vibe, Sparkling Orange, etc. Celsius is expected to quickly establish itself in a market dominated by Red Bull and Monster, of which Suntory already owns a small energy drink brand, V Energy (less than 5% market share).

Traditional Products

Parmentier x Puget Sardines: Two heritage brands, Parmentier and Puget, are joining forces to offer high-quality sardine fillets. Packaged in 70g net cans, these sardines in Puget olive oil are available in two versions: organic and organic with chili pepper. Offered at a price of €1.99, they aim to make young generations rediscover the enjoyment of canned sardines, a tasty and nutrient-rich product.

Dairy Alternatives

Upfield Flora: Upfield, the world leader in plant-based products, is continuing its offensive in the dairy alternatives market with the launch of Flora in France. This new butter alternative has a fat content of 79% and is made with a short and reassuring list of ingredients: sunflower and rapeseed oils, beans, coconut fat, water and salt. Packaged in paper packaging, the 250g block is offered as a preview at Carrefour in the butter section at a price not yet communicated. Upfield aims to capture 3% of the butter market with Flora.


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