La Tourangelle creates new combined oils

La Tourangelle relaunches its range of combined oils, previously called La Quotidienne. Renamed "Le Mélange" to be more explicit, their recipes have evolved slightly. All of them contain mainly rapeseed (60 to 73%) and flax (5 to 6%).

Two other types of oil are added, which vary according to the recipe: sunflower (20%) and oleic sunflower (15%) for the classic sku, sunflower (18%) and walnut (3%) for the toasted blend, extra virgin olive (20%) and oleic sunflower (15%). The oleic sunflower oil is distinguished from the classic sunflower by its high content of oleic fatty acids (monounsaturated) rich in omega 9.

The products are packaged in 700 ml rPET bottles, which are recyclable and made in France from recycled plastic. 

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