Prevention of African Swine Fever

Prevention of African Swine Fever
African swine fever, a contagious viral disease that is generally fatal to pigs and wild boars, has no known vaccine or treatment today. This highly resistant virus raises fears of a pandemic in the pig industry and has important socio-economic consequences.

As with classical swine fever, the symptoms are
- Fever
- Loss of appetite
- Lack of energy
- Miscarriage
- Internal bleeding

The transmission of this virus can occur in different ways:
- Contact with infected or wild animals
- Transport of animals
- Effluents
- Contamination of materials or food

The risks of contamination are very high, which is why it is necessary to ensure reinforced biosecurity on the farm to limit the spread of this virus and to apply certain recommendations in order to limit the risk (establish measures to limit contact with wild animals, transport safety measures, quarantine periods or zones, reinforced cleaning and disinfection procedures).

The French pork industry supports stakeholders in the implementation of preventive measures in breeding and transport by providing them with practical biosafety sheets. Among these documents, here are the latest updates that you can consult on the following website (
- A biosecurity sheet on African swine fever "Transport" for farmers who transport their pigs.
- A "Protection of pigs from wild boar" fact sheet for free-range farmers, which explains how to design effective fencing.
- A biosecurity sheet entitled "Farmer" reminding farmers why they should protect their farms against ASF.

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