€2.16 bn: sales of petfood in supermarkets, up 3.6% vs 2020
815 thousand tonnes, -0.8%

€1.44 billion: cat food sales in 2021, up 5.1% vs 2020 (up 10.9% vs 2019)
  • €749.3 million: wet food (+5.4% vs 2020)
  • €601.6 million: dry food (+3.1%)
  • €88.8 million: snacks (+16.9%)
Nothing is too good for our pets! According to a recent NielsenIQ study, two out of three dog and cat owners consider their pet to be an integral part of the family.
The concern for the well-being of our animals is also reflected in their plates, as shown by the growth in sales of pet food in supermarkets, at +3.6% in value last year: this score makes petfood the tenth most dynamic FMCG family in 2021. Supermarkets saw a slight drop in sales volume last year - but not in units sold, up 3.5% to 740 million units sold - with other channels benefiting even more from this positive trend. "Including specialists and an estimate of e-commerce, the market accounted for a turnover of €3.6 billion last year, up by around 7%. Specialized supermarkets have increased by 14% in one year”, calculates Simon Lesage, marketing director of MarsPetcare. This good form can be explained by the expansion of the stock of specialist brands, such as Maxi Zoo, which opened 46 new shops last year in France, but also by the sophisticated structuring of their offer.

What is the situation for e-commerce in physical stores, particularly in supermarkets? Drive-through petfood purchases have increased by 50% in two years to 6.5% of total sales, which is lower than the figure for all FMCG products.
While the health crisis has boosted the number of pet-owning households - 9.5 million with cats in France, i.e. 400,000 more than in 2019, and 6.2 million with dogs, i.e. 100,000 more - the developments in the various petfood segments also show an increased interest on the part of owners in the well-being of their companions. The excellent performance of treats and rewards is proof of this: their sales have jumped by 26.7% for cats in two years and by 7.6% for dogs. This desire is reflected in the growth of wet food, particularly for cats, with a 13% increase in sales by value in supermarkets since 2019. The success of Gourmet Révélations (Nestlé Purina) is a good illustration of this trend: the best petfood launch of 2021 according to NielsenIQ.

Naturalness is a growth area: sales of so-called "natural" foods rose from 1.8% of the supermarket market in 2019 to 3.1% last year. Grain-free foods, another fashionable argument, account for 6.2% of sales, up one point in two years. Only organic food is struggling to take off: it represents only 0.3% of petfood, compared with 5.1% for all FMCGs.,406141

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