Less is more' shakes the top of innovation

Less is more" is no longer a niche, it has become a trend. "Natural" and "free" products will account for 34% of FLS FMCG innovations in 2021, compared to 22% in 2020. And the performance follows. The average turnover generated by these products is equal to the score obtained by FLS FMCG innovations as a whole: €1.5M in 2020 after 12 months and €0.3M in 2021 after three months.
In the end, a quarter of these “free” products are among the Top 10 innovations in their respective departments. They reach young, family-oriented households living in large cities.
Alcohol-free is the best performing "less is more" offer: half of these innovations have entered the Top 10 of the best new drinks in 2020 for an average turnover of €2.7M in hypermarkets/supermarkets after 12 months. Conversely, new plant-based products are performing well below average (index 69 for demand). With a Danette Végétal at an average price 3.4 times higher per kilo than the standard reference, or Pierre Martinet Veggie salads 3.3 times more expensive, industrialists have undoubtedly been too greedy. Less is more or not, price is always the key.
  • French people's expectations of sustainable packaging : 
In the same way, sustainable packaging has become a necessity. For consumers, it represents a real expectation. Buying products with less packaging and limiting the impact on the environment are among the ten resolutions most cited by the French in 2021 according to Nielsen.
But as for "less is more" products, they are not ready to pay any price: only 9% agree to pay more for fair trade or more environmentally friendly products in 2020 (they were 12% in 2019). In sum, the transition to sustainable packaging is successful if it is accompanied by good execution at the point of sale.
The best performing "less is more" food innovations in 2020
  1. Sodebo Pasta Salad without additives (P4 2020) €8m
  2. Teisseire syrup with natural flavours (P4 2020) €5.6m
  3. Activia no sugar added (P4 2020) €4.2m
  4. Herta pie crust with no palm oil (exiting P4 2020) €3.8m
  5. Twinnings Ayurveda with natural ingredients (out P10 2019) €3.7m


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