Les Comptoirs de la Bio launch a range of fruit kefirs

Comptoirs de la Bio is launching a range of fruit kefirs, through its exclusive brand "La Sélection des Comptoirs". They are available in the group's shops in three recipes (raspberry, ginger and lemon) and two formats (25 and 75 cl). Brewed by hand in Alsace, the kefirs are unfiltered and unpasteurised to guarantee a high content of probiotics and micro-organisms.
After the launch of a range of artisanal ice creams and French meats last spring, the Les Comptoirs de la Bio group has been offering a range of fruit kefirs since 19 July, under its La Sélection des Comptoirs brand.

La Sélection des Comptoirs fruit kefirs are made by fermenting kefir grains, to which water, sugar and fruit are added to obtain a fizzy drink naturally rich in probiotics, unfiltered and unpasteurised. "The ingredients are rigorously selected and the recipes are natural, flavourless and additive-free. Brewed in small quantities, these drinks follow a minimal and natural transformation process, their sugar content is reduced to a minimum in order to trigger fermentation and obtain a good level of fizz", the brand details in a press release.
Originating in the Caucasus and created over 2000 years ago, fruit kefir is a "living" drink, naturally rich in micro-organisms, bacteria and yeast. An ally of the digestive and immune systems, it is a "natural disinfectant" that promotes a healthy metabolism and strengthens the immune system thanks to its high probiotic content.


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