New : a small multi-product vending machine

Known for its machines that deliver hot baguettes to customers, Portuguese manufacturer Mecondielle has developed a vending machine capable of offering groceries and fresh produce.
"Our multi-product vending machine is primarily aimed at medium-sized stores of 1,500 to 3,000 square metres that wish to offer a significant breakdown service for their customers, outside of their opening hours for example," comments Jacques Mary, the director of Mecondielle France.
The vending machine occupies a modest floor space of just over 3 square metres (2.88m x 1.17m), with a height of 2.20m. It has a retail price of between 40,000 and 46,000 euros. Consumers choose their items on a touch screen and pay for their purchases by credit card or smartphone.
The machine contains 160 racks, which can be recharged from the back. The racks are designed to hold, for example, milk cartons, egg cartons, fruit trays, vegetables, etc.
The system is available in refrigerated, room temperature or even with a baking terminal (baguettes).
Jean-Claude Hecht, CEO and co-founder of Mecondielle, is the creator of the Pani Vending hot baguette vending machine, perfected in 2017 with a real integrated cooking terminal (150 installations in France).

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