Organic references: the top 10 biggest turnovers in 2020

Organic references: the top 10 biggest turnovers in 2020
A turnover of €18.9 million. That's what the first organic reference sold in supermarkets in 2020 will be worth, excluding private labels, according to NielsenIQ. This is Lactel organic and committed semi-skimmed milk, packaged in six 1-litre bottles.
Lactel's star product (also number one in volume) is ahead of L'œuf de nos Villages plein air by 10 (€15.6m) and the Carapelli Classico 750ml bottle of olive oil (€15.3m).
In this top 10, there are eight organic brand codes from the conventional sector: Lactel, Loué, Carapelli, La Boulangère and L'œuf de nos Villages. Milk and eggs account for the lion's share of this list with six references.
Nocciolata (Rigoni di Asiago) and Bjorg are the only 100% organic brands, positioned in positions 5 and 8. The spread made €14.6m with its 700g jar, while the leader in organic groceries generated €12.5m with its dark chocolate-filled biscuit in 225g format.
Eggs and milk occupy six places
Top 10 organic sales in 2020 in €M
1.     Lactel lait bio et engagé demi-écrémé 6 x 1 l : 18,9
2.     L’œuf de nos villages plein air par 10 : 15,6
3.     Carapelli huile d’olive Classico 750 ml : 15,3
4.     Loué œufs fermiers par 6 : 15,1
5.     Nocciolata pâte à tartiner 700 g : 14,6
6.     Lactel lait Matin léger 6 x 1 l : 13,1
7.     Loué œufs fermiers par 10 : 13,1
8.     Bjorg biscuit fourré chocolat noir 225 g : 12,5
9.     L’œuf de nos villages plein air par 10 : 11,6
10.   La Boulangère pain de mie complet 500 g : 10,7

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